SVS Pure. Simple. Hair Products!

All products are safe for color treated hair and have an amazingly light fragrance.

Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Sunflower Seed Extract: Shine, Protection
  • Coconut Milk Protein: Silky, Smooth, Strong
  • Rhodochrosite: Seals color and balances moisture levels by targeting those areas that need extra moisture.
    Additionally, these products protect from Ultra Violet light, preventing sun damage essentially acting as a sunscreen for your hair. The coconut addition helps protect the hair similarly to an actual coconut by creating a barrier on the outside while making the hair silky and smooth on the inside. Plus, they smell amazing!

Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Quinoa Protein: Maximum fullness, Expands the hair shaft 3 times its size
  • Bentonite Clay: Plumps, Strengthens, Protects, Locks in Moisture
  • Much like the swelling of the grain that occurs when cooking quinoa, the quinoa proteins in these products swell and expand the hair shaft, adding weightless volume.

Everyday Miracle Treatment

  • Silk Protein: Nourishes, Repairs, Protects
  • Sericite Mica: Smoothes, Seals, Shines
  • We like to refer to this product as EMT, because it essentially “saves” the hair. It helps protect from the sun, while fighting frizz, detangling, and preventing split ends.

Amplifying Foam

  • Quinoa Protein: Maximum Fullness
  • Bentonite Clay: Plumps, Strengthens, Protects
  • A little goes a long way with this product! Rarely needing more than one pump, Amplifying Foam will definitely give you weightless volume and fullness, much like the Volume Shampoo and Conditioner.

Flex Paste

  • Pumpkin Seed: Flexible Strength and Manageability
  • Coconut Milk Protein: Moveable Hold, Strengthens, Protects
  • This product is a favorite and can be used in several ways! It can be used on dry hair to tame fly-aways or applied to wet, curly hair to control curls. It adds a great matte, low-shine texture to short hair cuts for both men and women. The great thing is, it stays pliable throughout the day. In fact, re-wetting it will re-activate it to maintain your style, but it can also wash out very easily and will not build up on your hair.

Amethyst Oil

  • Hemp Seed Proteins: Fight Flyaways and Frizz
  • Amethyst: Luminosity and Heat Protection
  • This product is great for dry or coarse hair textures. It has a heat protection up to 410 degrees and at the same time, will cut your blow dry time in half. It can be applied to wet hair before blow-drying or apply to dry hair for shine and smoothing.

Le Deux

  • Sunflower Seed Extract: Shine, Color Protection, UV Filter
  • Sweet Pea Protein: Hydrates, Smoothes, Defines
  • Magnesium: Improves Elasticity and Hydrates, Prevents Breakage
  • This product lives up to its name by having a dual use! It can be great for applying to wet, straight hair for a smooth, silky blowout or apply to towel-dried curls to smooth and define and diffuse or air dry for a crunch-free finish. It’s very light weight and creates a barrier on the hair while maintaining a bounce and softness to the touch.

Versatile Styling Crème

  • Pumpkin Seed: Flexible Strength and Manageability
  • Kaolin Clay Extracts: Hold without Stickiness and Oil
  • This product will actually absorb negative oils that result from infrequent shampoos. It has the memory and hold of a gel but works like a cream. It can be used to define curls and let dry naturally or used to perfect your blow out. Versatile Styling Cream is also great for controlling those stubborn fly-aways and unruly gray hair.

In Control Hair Spray

  • Sunflower Seed: Shine and Protection
  • Grape Seed Extract: Reduces Frizz, Improves Overall Health of Hair
  • In Control Hairspray is a 3 in 1 spray with an adjustable nozzle that can go from a light, moveable hold to a medium hold with control and texture and then on to a high hold for finishing and extra holding power. This humidity resistant, shaping and control spray provides texture, natural shine and long lasting touchable support.

Illusionist Spray

  • Bentonite Clay: Volume, Texture and Strength
  • Sesame Seed Protein: Penetrates, Nourishes and Protects
  • This weightless spray creates “notice-me” bold texture and volume with long-lasting hold. Spray it on wet or dry hair to enhance curls or waves, or just simply to conjure up some texture. It can also be used with a hot tool to set curl.

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